with Host & Security Expert Ed Johnston
Last Year in OHIO:
  • 100,000 homes were burglarized.

  • 19,000 cars were stolen.

  • 15,000 people were assaulted.

  • 5,000 drivers were involved accidents.

  • 106 people died in fires.

Ed Johnston has devoted his career to taking care of people and property. As both a businessman and a community volunteer, he has focused on helping his friends and family, his clients and business associates, and the members of his community lead safer and more secure lives.

Ed's company, API Security and Investigations, Inc. has been protecting Central Ohio business and home owners for more than 20 years. API's three divisions in uniform protection, investigations and electronic security provide quality private security and investigative services at affordable rates.

Ed believes in the principle of "paying forward." Through his weekly radio show, "The Protector," he helps listeners be safer in their homes, at work or school, in their place of worship, and out in the community. His guests are professionals with experience in security control. They offer valuable tips, guidelines, and best practices to protect people and businesses from crime.

Ed's Radio Show:
Broadcast Every Friday Morning at 11:10 AM
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